Workforce management for retail industry


Allocation imperfections:

• Imperfect allocation executed by the stores’ management

• Lack of planning coherence due to the chaotic events happening

• 25% of the working time of the employees in stores is wasted due to mismanagement and miss processing of exceptional events

HR management:

• High personnel turnover

• Difficult recruitment (the “bad jobs” problem)

Imperfect HR management:

• Negative impact on cash-flow indicators from additional hours bank

• Performance mystery – difficulty in pinning down performance drivers, in an integrated approach


Real time intervention & AI assisted planning and allocation:

• Workforce planning/forecasting

• Events processing mechanisms by AI

• Management of additional hours bank

• Dynamic task allocation

• Store performance management (architecture, KPIs system, reporting dashboards)


Higher profitability through enhanced efficiency:

• Reduction of personnel turnover with 25%

• Improved store’s indicators of profitability and liquidity with 15%

• Facilitator for omnichannel management.

• Effective Performance Management Architecture for operational rationales