Supply Chain Management

This solution is thought as covering the heuristic part of the knowledge funnel and refers to designing the standard interactions among the business actors, existing software solutions and infrastructures. Here are thought and designed the rules. The proposed standard for thinking and designing process is BPMN, BRN and DMN. For these types of projects where there are many actors and require standardization of interactions according to policies/rules, the digitalization has the BPM approach (that includes decisions and rules) as the critical technology. Moreover, it creates an important competitive advantage by recognizing and controlling the transaction cost; understanding and diminishing the transaction cost make the interaction performant. A clear BPM structure and a rational software implementation can create a perfect alignment of the actors with different behaviors to a set of policies that can affect their performance. On the other hand, the usage of Blockchain technology integrated in supply chain INNOVA solution has become more than a necessity: it is an important alignment to the nowadays reality.

Workforce Management

As long as the computing capabilities are increasing in relevance for companies, the normative spaces in which the employees are acting is more and more imperfect. Recent statistics shows that more than 70% of losing margins are because of the operational decision imperfection. Therefore, workforce management is becoming a difficult task. INNOVA has developed a solution that improve the workforce allocation, create an AI space for managing the exceptionalities and align the immediate work requirements to the workforce architecture.

Predictive Maintenance

The solution resides in integrating a predictive component that should support the anticipative management. The predictive component is the orchestrator of the whole solution and in this context, it becomes the central element of the whole logical approach. The component has 2 modules: machine learning and AI. Machine Learning operates with large volumes of historical data that must be defined and identified. The requirements are as following: equipment must have monitoring tools (IoT, software, etc.); it operates through proprietary algorithms to identify deviations and anomalies and establishes operating behaviors. Artificial intelligence proposes scenarios and alert systems based on the results of machine learning operation, establish maintenance and repair plans based on known behaviors, establish sets of executable business processes based on data matrices that define events.

Performance Management:
a transaction cost approach

Business anxiety is related to the frustration that resides in the lack of capacity to perform a business task. Therefore, it is difficult to clearly define this concept; and this, in a world of uncertainty, is an intellectual sin. Performance should be about the quality of rules, procedures, norms, and decisions, as well as about the cultural framework of the organization. It is a behavioral concept and not a financial framework. Performance is a dynamic concept that aims to optimize the transaction costs by a real time adaptation of institutions (norms, rule, decisions). This is a big conceptual shift. The digital shift is pivotal in the moving of the business architecture of performance to a new level. The digital systems should be more oriented to capturing, interpreting, and processing of the behavioral aspects of organizations, departments, and/or profit units.