Site management for construction industry


• The construction industry is one of the lowest digitalized industries all over the world

• This truism is a problem as long as the sector is highly legally normed

• The sector required many people completely inefficient just to keep the business processes, documents and recordings undigitized.

• The entire concept is focused on using the existent Project Management tools.However, the main problems and losses are around the sites’ procedures and operations.


The solution modules are presented in the figure:

Explanation of each module from a digital point of view:

PMS (project management system) comprises modules related to design, planning and monitoring. At the moment this component is composed of BIM 5D and PM

Tasks & Docs includes the design and automation of organization routines (business processes) comprises as following:

- Purchases (supply chain)

- Contract management

- Complaint management (from subcontractors, beneficiaries, end users)

- Risk management

- Document Management Etc

Meetings (sittings) is a module that is considered important in the logic of construction organizations. It is the component that ensures the conduct and monitoring of the decisions of meetings at the organization and construction site level.

Accounting and inventory are included in ERP platforms.


• Increasing the business efficiency to 10-15% profitability

• Create the infrastructure (standardization, process, rules, decisions, cases, data) for growing the business without pains.

• Complete control of the business.