BPMS, Business Rules Engine, Decision Making Automation

The entire team of professionals of INNOVA are specialized in understanding and implementing processes, rules, and decisions to provide high efficiency to the customers. The design and automation of processes, rules, and decisions are today the main tools for cutting costs and increase revenues and customer satisfaction. The concept is the fundament for creating a rational business logic of organization. The experts of INNOVA have implemented more than 500 different complex processes on 50 projects in banking, retail, manufacturing, construction, and other industries.


Intelligent Predictive Management & Intelligent Document Processing

During the last years, the necessity for a predictive management approach has become more and more evident. Therefor the strategic framework of the company includes an important component of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. INNOVA is extensively applying AI in business using the concept in anticipative management. Moreover, recently, the professional team includes among the topics Intelligent Document Processing that allows an important part to digitization of firms and public sector digitization.


E-health ML & AI, Intelligent Green Operations for Business Units

For INNOVA founders, the investment in research is fundamental for the business development. The team has made important steps in applied technologies for Robotic General Practitioner, Robotic Supply Chain, Green Upstream Engagement and Predictive Maintenance.

Digital Transformation Architecture

INNOVA is specialized in architecting digital transformation approach. During the last years when digital transformation has become a fashion more than $1 trillion was wasted in the world for the concept’s sake. The problem resided in the gap between business understanding and IT execution. We approach the concept as an architecture of knowledge more than an IT development requirement.

Digital Innovation Processing & Prototyping

INNOVA concept related to the execution of digital innovation is entirely based on the theory of knowledge. Our approach is connected to Roger Martin’s knowledge funnel. As a matter of fact, our methodology proposes a journey from Mystery to Algorithm, from separated objects analysis to prototyping.

Business Specifications Analysis for Digital Projects

INNOVA is proposing a visual and quality-oriented approach that is different than the classical ITIL methodology. Our approach is oriented to understand the digital objects, designing the interactions by understanding processed, rules and decisions and building a high-fidelity prototype.

Building Math Algorithms for Machine Learning & AI

INNOVA has an outstanding expertise in creating algorithms for hedge funds, supply chain mechanisms and predictive maintenance approach.

Business Processes Libraries Design

The consultants of INNOVA have a great expertise in designing and software implementing business processes. They did more than 250 complex projects in industries such as retail, banking, manufacturing.

Software Factory

We have the expertise and the team to put in practice (that means software development) our concepts. This is an important point of the bridge. The next point represents our continuous collaboration with our clients.